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8 November 2021

The 11th Egypt CSR Forum

Intercontinental Citystars Cairo

In the essence of the directions of His Excellency, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to accelerate achieving sustainable development in all Egypt’s governances in addition to involving all parties in order to successfully accomplish Egypt’s vision 2030.

CSR Egypt is proudly announcing the 11th version of the annual Egypt CSR and Sustainability in support of the government’s
efforts and providing the opportunity for all stakeholders to achieve effective partnerships that drive development forward to provide a decent life for the Egyptian citizen.

This year the forum will be held under the title of “Sustainability from Adoption to Localization… the path to recovery”, It will showcase the national development efforts, that Egypt had witnessed in the recent years to achieve an inclusive and equitable development. Moreover, demonstrate what has been achieved of national mega projects and developmental programs in various sectors to boost the national economy, raise the standard of life and enhance the quality of services offered to citizens, Such programs include social protection, upgrading villages, infrastructure, health, education, housing, transportation, and encouraging foreign investments and SMEs.The forum displays the efforts of development partners and civil society for localizing sustainable development goals and
achieving integration with the state’s efforts to execute its strategy.

It also sheds light on the importance of international partnerships and multilateral cooperation to support national localization plans. As well as boosting sustainable financing systems and creating developmental opportunities that encourage overseas institutions to change their compass towards investment and offering long-term financing for developmental projects in Egypt. Furthermore,It aims at highlighting the mechanisms of creating sustainable impact and effective development that is consistent with Egypt’s actual needs and speeds up the recovery from
the Covid-19 pandemic.

The forum addresses a number of essential issues that are related to the state’s strategy for green recovery, partnering with the privatesector, the importance of financial inclusion and the support of SMEs. The forum this year demonstrates the most important and successful international and regional experiences in sustainability and the means of benefiting from them in improving the local situation. Also, a special part of the discussion is devoted to the presidential initiative “Hayat Karima Initiative,” which is the gateway to the new Republic of Egypt. The forum will discuss, in a series of talks and workshops, various vital topics to spread awareness and build capabilities such as the digital technology and the acceleration of the transition towards a circular economy. In addition to distance learning and readiness for the virtual labor market. Also, the integration of ESG principles in business strategies and the impact of volunteering in creating a professional career path and making a societal impact. Moreover, the forum will discuss the mechanisms for obtaining sustainable financing, sustainable banking, impact analysis and performance measurement.

It is worth mentioning that the Annual Egypt CSR and Sustainability Forum is the most influential interactive platform to achieve integration between the efforts of the parties concerned with development in Egypt.

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