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>Dr. Hamed Shamma

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Dr. Hamed Shamma

Dr. Hamed Shamma is the BP Endowed Chair and Professor of Marketing at The American University in Cairo, School of Business, Egypt. He is a speaker, trainer, board member, mentor, advisor and active researcher. He spoke at more than 50 national and international forums and summits over the past 20 years. He has trained more than 20 companies in: reputation management, sustainability, crisis management, brand management, and stakeholder management, among others. He has published more than 30 academic articles, one textbook, two book chapters and 50 conference proceedings. He is a board member at Raya Holding for Financial Investments and is a member of the sustainability committee. He has advised more than 10 companies on sustainability strategy, reporting and measurement. He offered training courses on sustainability to more than 10 organizations in Egypt and UAE. He introduced the first course ever on Reputation Management at the American University in Cairo in 2015. This was the first time this course was offered in Egypt. He is a mentor and advisor for many students, entrepreneurs and corporations. He is particularly interested to help start ups understand how to have the marketing mindset and provided many sessions to entrepreneurs on how to understand the customer’s needs and values, market their products and offer a sustainable competitive advantage. He has worked on more than 30 research projects and offered many practical and managerial implications and insights to businesses. He has taught more than 10,000 students from: high school, undergraduate students, graduate students professionals and managers in Egypt, USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and more.