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>Ms. Sameera Fernandes

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Ms. Sameera Fernandes

Sameera Fernandes is a Corporate Affairs & Sustainability professional with over 2 decades of global experience. Born and raised in Doha, Qatar, Sameera developed a passion for environmental conservation early on. She is well regarded as a Sustainability leader with specialization in key areas of Green Finance, Sustainable Investments, International Partnerships and Change Management. She is the Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Century Financial, an investment service provider in UAE, and is responsible for driving the company's sustainability agenda. She is also certified by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments. She played an instrumental role in the recent release of the Gulf Investment Report 2023 at the World Investment Forum in Abu Dhabi, further substantiating her influence in shaping global investment discussions. With her commitment to promoting Sustainability across the business community, she is a certified ESG and Sustainability professional and completed Oxford University – Leading Sustainable Corporations program. She also has certifications in Global Reporting Initiatives, Social ROI from CSR Arabia, and Strategic Internal Communications from the UK. She has won numerous awards, including the Global Women Leadership Award for Leadership Excellence in CSR in UAE. Apart from this, she is the Author of two books released by the Minister of Education, Karnataka – the Price of Truth and Educating the Next, Feature writer for Friday Magazine of Gulf News, European Boardroom Advisor and previously held leadership positions in Al Ghurair Investments, Sun Microsystems, Jet Airways and Nokia. She is an active member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the Emirates Environmental Group. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Global Leadership Competencies. She has published over 25 International Research Papers as a Research Scholar, contributing to academia. Her insights are highly sought after, reflected in her keynote addresses at global conferences. Over the years, Sameera has worked with several organizations and governments worldwide, implementing sustainable practices and policies. Her expertise in sustainability has made her a soughtafter speaker and consultant, and she has spoken at numerous conferences delivering key notes sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to work towards a sustainable future. Awards and Recognitions 2023 – Innovative ESG Leadership Award, Gulf Sustainability Awards 2023 2022 - Global Women Leadership Award for Leadership Excellence in CSR in UAE. 2018 - Nirbhaya Award for Brave & Courageous Women, 2022 - Chanakya Award for Best Media House Leader 2018- Woman of Influence Award and the Women Leadership Award for Ethical Media Reporting.