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>Mr. Mert Dedebas

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Mr. Mert Dedebas

Mr. Mert Dedebas is the Regional Director of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Middle East and North Africa. As a seasoned specialist in the Development Finance Sector within the expansive MENA Region, his expertise spans the domains of SME sectors, Sustainable, and Climate finance. What sets Mr. Dedebas apart is not only his deep understanding of these critical financial sectors but also his extensive international experience. He brings a wealth of insights garnered from leading development projects in collaboration with various international donors. In navigating the complex landscape of Development and Sustainability Finance, particularly within the MENA Region, Mr. Dedebas emerges as a leader, offering a unique blend of expertise, strategic vision, and a proven track record of successful project leadership. His role as Regional Director signifies not just a position but a commitment to promoting sustainable and impactful financial initiatives in one of the world's most dynamic regions.