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>Mr. Emmanuel Zinsu

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Mr. Emmanuel Zinsu

Mr. Emmanuel Zinsu is a senior consultant with over 7 years of experience in ESG and Environmental & Social Management Systems / Services (ESMS). He has a comprehensive understanding of E&S management systems, sustainability practices, and environmental management issues in the industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, commercial, telecommunication and real estate/construction sectors. · As part of ESMS/ESGMS-related work, Emmanuel developed a range of training materials to help build operational ESG capacity and raise ESG awareness in both developed and developing countries like Europe and Africa. · He has conducted a wide variety of compliance, Environmental due diligences, ESG due diligence and risk assessments throughout Europe and Africa in numerous industries/sectors. · Emmanuel is also a part-time lecturer at the Catholic University of Angers (UCO) in France and is responsible for teaching the MBA class for Sustainable Business Management, Environmental and Quality Management Systems (ISO 14001: 9001), Principles for Environmental Technologies and Innovations and Sustainability Management. · Currently Emmanuel doubles as the Head of department ESG and Head of Sustainability for the HPC Group. At the strategic level he is responsible for coordinating and repositioning of HPC’s ESG / sustainability strategy and reporting according to regulatory requirements like the SFRD/ CSRD for better market positioning, legal compliance and responsible business dispensation. At the operational level, he oversees the development and implementation of all ESG products and services. · Emmanuel represents the HPC Group in all ESG / sustainability-related matters at the international front. · Emmanuel is a certified CSR Manager & Basic Social Auditor (SA8000) certificate holder from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Social Accountability International (SAI) respectively.