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>Dr. Ehab Shalaby

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Dr. Ehab Shalaby

Dr. Ehab Shalaby is a Leading consultant, Researcher, and academician in the field of sustainable development, Dr. Shalaby has more than 15 years of experience in the fields ‘of academia, research, corporate and government policy advising on the local, regional and international level; as well as being recognized for innovative excellence based on technical, research and design fundamentals. Dr. Shalaby vision is Imbedding "Sustainable Development” concept and philosophy in the Egyptian culture and in all educational aspects, Dr. Shalaby is both skilled and innovative at leveraging information technology to reduce costs while dramatically improving productivity and results. Dr. Shalaby was a member of Egypt’s national team of experts developing Egypt national SD strategy Egypt Vision 2030 .Dr. Shalaby was leading the team of experts Developing Egypt National voluntary review report on SDGS” UN SDGS 2030) submitted to UNHLPF 2016. Dr. Shalaby was among the expert group developing Egypt intended national contribution report on GHGs submitted to the UNFCCC 2015.