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>Prof. Dr. Hossam Badrawi

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Prof. Dr. Hossam Badrawi

Prof. Hossam Badrawi, a prominent physician and a well known politician, President of the Badrawi Foundation for Education and Development. He is the founder and the honorary chairman of the Egyptian Council of Competitiveness ENCC. and chaired the OB/GYN department in Cairo University’s Medical School 2009/2010. Academically, He graduated from Cairo University 1974, with an honors degree. He fulfilled his graduate studies during 1979-1983 in Wayne State University-Detroit-Michigan, in the use of scanning electron microscopy. He completed post-graduate studies at North Western University-Chicago-Illinois .In Boston University-Boston-Massachusetts, he had intense graduate studies in methodologies for development of curricula and study programs in education. His academic activities include the publication of more than 120 research papers and participations in 8 text books in his academic field. He published his last book about Education reform in Arabic November 2011. In 2007, Prof. Badrawi received an honorary PhD. in science from Sunderland University in the United Kingdom, for outstanding work in higher education reform in the Middle East region. He is a visiting Professor in political science in center of Altiero Spinelli at University of Roma. In 2014, Prof. Badrawi received a new award Honorary Fellowship from Cardiff University in the UK 2014. Politically, Prof Badrawi played an important central political role during the January revolution in Egypt. He was called for by the ex president of Egypt to chair the ruling party of Egypt NDP, on the 4th of February ,to save the situation, as he was always positively perceived by the political opposition and the society. He was known to be the opposition from inside and a true reformist. He announced his support to the revolution and resigned from the post 6 days after, when the ex president and his staff refused to listen to his political advice, to step down from presidency, and call for early presidential elections.