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>Ms. Soha Abou Zekry

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Ms. Soha Abou Zekry

Ms. Soha Abou Zekry joined Commercial International Bank - in 1991 – Corporate Banking Division post finalizing Chase Corporate Credit Course. Handled numerous industries, contributing to the bank’s growth through closing sizeable transactions. Actively participated in numerous sizeable project finance deals and underwriting syndicated loans where CIB was acting as lead arranger, facility agent and/or security agent. Responsible for initiating, negotiating and closing banking transaction throughout various industries. Acted as an approving member of several Credit / Financial institutional Committees. Currently a member in the Senior Credit Committee and Pricing Committee at CIB and attendee. In early 2010, Mrs. Zekry and the President of GCR Department back then and IB CEO as of date established The Global Customer Relations Department, which is currently accountable for the total bank’s corporate portfolio and profitability. Since early 2018 and up till present, Mrs. Zekry is the Head of the Global Customer Relations Department.