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>Ms. Nahla Mokhtar

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Ms. Nahla Mokhtar

Nahla Mokhtar is L'Oreal Egypt’s Communications & Sustainability Responsible Director, who has over 15 years of extensive experience in the fields of Public Relations (PR), Communications, as well as Sustainable Development. Through her praiseworthy career path, Mokhtar was able to launch various initiatives to support and empower women, youth, and people with special needs. In fact, Mokhtar was able to develop L'Oreal Egypt's environmental footprint, at large, through mandating internal practices and formulating community initiatives. Mokhtar is always on the lookout for continuous development, as she supports L'Oreal Egypt’s initiatives and principles with whatever it takes. As a result, she has been able to hold the position of the company’s Integrity Officer since 2018. She is also famous for being an avid advocate of diversity and inclusion at L'Oreal Egypt. It is also worth mentioning that Nahla is a member of the committee of Sustainable Development at the American Chamber of Commerce. Initially, Mokhtar joined L’Oreal’s team in 2016 as a Corporate Communications & Sustainability Responsible Manager, but soon was promoted to be the Communications & Sustainability Responsible Director due to her relentless diligence and hard work. In addition, she was able to join the board of directors at L’Oreal in Egypt. Via her current post, Mokhtar shoulders the responsibility for the company’s entire communications; internally and externally, besides keeping the company’s sustainable development in check. Before her journey at L’Oreal, Mokhtar entered the field of PR and Communications at Juhayna Food Industries, where she had successfully managed the company's PR and Social Responsibility’s team for 6 years. Throughout her time at Juhayna, she was known for curating, integrating, and directing all communication plans in line with the company's vision. Before that, she was also able to carry out several development initiatives, as well as support environmental development topics during her five-year work at Orcale Egypt. Her Journey reflects her educational life as she graduated from Mass Communication Major specialized in PR and Advertising