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Ms. Monika Papadopoulou

Monika Papadopoulou, Co-Founder of Lit, the first digital Corporate Social Responsibility Tech Platform in the region, a social impact
aggregator for the MENA and GCC. It aims to leverage, highlight and connect all social impact initiatives and volunteers to the government
and the private sector. In addition, Monika is also leading a social media movement called #Lightupwithlit to educate and inspire
thousands of people to take a step closer to sustainable future, contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and
be proactive towards positive world impact by building partnerships with stakeholders.
Monika has played a major role in building and maintaining a comprehensive ecosystem to support youth, women and entrepreneurs across the Middle East and Africa, working tirelessly to support, champion and inspire young people across the region to achieve their full potential through the power of entrepreneurship.
She has worked extensively with emerging markets in the region and has played an instrumental role in empowering thousands of female
entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe with the knowledge support and resources they need to succeed. She has designed and
delivered strategic corporate social responsibility programs on behalf of leading brands like PepsiCo, MBC, Cartier, HSBC, UN Women New
York and many more.