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Mr. Mahmoud Adly Elganainy

Mahmoud El Ganainy Is the Corporate Sustainability GM from 2010 – Present, in El-Araby Group. As a graduate Master’s Degree of business administration (MBA) Risk and Crisis Management (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport) and MBA Planning for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Institute Of National Planning) on track, HR. Diploma (AUC),Business Excellence Model, EFQM Excellence Model Assessor, Certified international ISO 22301BCMS from International Standards Certifications, Certified international ISO 22301BCMS Lead auditor International Standards Certifications, Certified International ISO 19011 (Internal Auditor) from International Standards Certifications ,Certified international ISO 9001 – 2018 (Lead Auditor) from International Standards Certifications and Certified international CBCI Professional Certificate from Business Continuity Institute (BCI) . He has been exposed to several different nationalities and cultures and has learned to work and collaborate with multicultural teams. He is a certified TOT.

As a training consultant Mahmoud El-Ganainy has worked with several clients in different industries, to develop tailored training plans and create and deliver training programs that aim at raising the level of skills of employees, to fulfill organizational goals and enhance their individual career development and career paths. In order to design and deliver effective training programs, he has worked on developing his own knowledge of adult learning by attending several specialized adult education courses and workshops. He believes that training courses should be developed such that all participants can have a voice and a say within the workshops. Experiential learning is not only about actively participating in interactive exercises and games; it is also about exchanging experiences, points of view and furthermore developing personal plans and commitments to follow. His faith in the ability of every participant and the value they can add to the experience of attending a workshop drives him to encourage all participants to become part of the learning process by participating and engaging in discussions. Building on his extensive experience in professional development, he is working with different clients to help them develop professional plans and reach specific work-related goals through his individual executive coaching sessions. His edge is in his ability to engage and connect with his clients, exploring opportunities and conquering challenges executives face in the corporate world.

  • Throughout these projects he has worked closely with many multinational companies in several industries including Banking, Industrial, Educational, Strategic Management ,Strategic Planning ,Performance Management System ,Introduction to Risk Management ,Risk Management based on ISO 31000 -2018 ,Business Continuity Management Workshop ,Crisis Management Awareness for top and middle Management  ,Business Continuity Management Awareness for top and middle Management  ,Compliance Management ,IT, Telecommunications, Petroleum, Advertising consultancy and services, delivering a wide range of courses. These courses include Leadership, Customer Relations and Customer Service, Communication, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Time Management, Presentation Skills and Team Work and Team Building Exercises.