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>Dr. Nadia Cheaib

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Dr. Nadia Cheaib

Dr. Nadia Shuaib, Founder and Chairperson of Clinggroup and Chairperson of the Muhammad Shuaib Charitable Foundation Among the 100 most powerful Arab women in the ranking of "Forbes Middle East" from 2014 to 2018 Among the 100 health leadership leaders at the World Health Forum for the Middle East President of the Health Authority - the French Chamber of Commerce in Egypt She is a scientist and researcher in the field of global healthcare and a pioneer of many social initiatives. She holds a PhD in pharmacology and medical research from France. Dr. Nadia Shuaib has contributed to international research programs in France, which allowed her to obtain French citizenship. Focusing on healthcare research and developing innovative solutions, Dr. Nadia Shoaib founded a group of companies and worked on developing them, developing scientific research and creating job opportunities throughout the Middle East and Africa. She linked science with practical and social development and contributed significantly to the development of science and community services. Dr. Nadia Shoaib was educated in Paris and London where she gained unique experience in researching and developing healthcare products, in accordance with the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency. And she assumed the responsibility of starting this type of business in the private sector in the Arab region, and in this regard she faced a great risk and an unparalleled challenge. Dr. Nadia Shuaib began working on her own without the support of her family or any other party, so she was and still is the pioneer who brought medical research to the Arab region and Africa. This decision required a lot of creativity and vision. It used the methods and methods applied in the most advanced countries, and succeeded in transferring and using those methods in the region, despite the obstacles it faced and the complete lack of infrastructure in terms of quality, organization, licenses and sources. This was the beginning of the CleanServe Foundation, which from the beginning was intended to be a contract research institution, and the seed that grew out of bounds became a tree with strong and evergreen roots called Clean Group Holding; The ideal first provider of global healthcare solutions in the Middle East and Africa, for clinical research, logistics, communications, information management, technology, academic and formal educational programs applying all quality standards in healthcare practices and more. Dr. Nadia Shoaib has contributed in her journey so far to more than 360 international research programs that led to the discovery of more than 35 new drugs for the treatment of cancer, blood diseases, diabetes, heart disease, infectious diseases and Alzheimer’s at the highest international level in the field of American and European medicines and biologics (and these drugs treat millions of patients patients every day all over the world. Dr. Nadia Shoaib has trained more than 6,000 healthcare professionals (including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, laboratory specialists, hospital managers, and health ministries) in the Middle East, in healthcare practice and development. In addition to providing more than 420 job opportunities in the Middle East