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Dr. Hesham Eissa

Hesham Elsayed Eissa., born in 1963 .Has a Master degree in Economic (Egypt) also he
has two post Diploma Political and Economic Systems Diploma, African Research &
Studies Institution Cairo University and Economics Diploma, Economic development
Section, Faculty of Commerce (Egypt), Alexandria University (Egypt) (1990).
He was work as head of the Central Department of Climate Change (CDCC) Egyptian
Environmental Affair Agency (March 2013- Jul 2016), Ex-Egyptian focal point of UN
in climate change agreement (2012-2016) –, Head of International Cooperation in
Ministry of Environment (Jul 2016- February 2017), and now Head of Qualitative
Conical of climate change and sustainable Development in Arab Green conical and Vice
CEO- leader of climate change experts & consultants in Dcarbon Co.
– Ex. Director of Egyptian Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) at the Ministry of
State of Environmental Affairs (February 2006 – December 2008).
– Ex. Representative of the Middle East and North Africa in the Clean Technology
Fund, the World Bank (2007-2008).
– Ex. Representative Africa in World Bank for Climate change project (2010-
– Member in the National Task Force on Climate Change for Mr. President of the
Arab Republic of Egypt in Heads of State and Government of the African on
Climate Change (CHAOCC) (2015).
– Ex. Member in Egyptian steering committee of Green Climate Fund (GCF) &
Global Environmental Facility ( GEF) 2012-2016.
– Author of The Future of History book