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This session aims to shed the light on the effects of climate change on business models and the importance of resorting to limit and reduce thermal emissions and adopting clear policies and innovative plans to reduce thermal and carbon emissions by applying environmental sustainability standards. This session discusses the concept of TCFD, and the mechanism of environmental risk management, and methodologies for preparing mitigation plans.

Data is the basis for preparing sustainability reports, and the method of collecting and obtaining them among the various departments is the most important step to ensure the completion of the preparation of reports, and the quality of data is a major indicator of the quality of results reached by the report. Therefore, this session reviews the mechanisms and methods for collecting data from different departments to prepare reports for the ESG within institutions and companies

This session discusses the importance of applying ESG standards inside institutions and companies in order to achieve sustainable growth that takes into consideration the social, economic and environmental dimensions. Session also reviews the most important challenges facing the sustainability reporting teams and the importance of using creative methods to address these challenges