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Egypt CSR Forum the annual and biggest forum for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.


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>Progress in preparing Comprehensive Sustainability reports & future steps

Progress in preparing Comprehensive Sustainability reports & future steps

The session conducts comprehensive survey and assessment of the current position of the Egyptian business community in the field of issuing sustainability reports and the obstacles facing companies in preparing effective and credible
reports. This comes in light of the world’s cut-throat competition to adhere to various international reporting standards.
The session tackles the latest international developments in disclosure and reporting standards, like GRI Standards and relevant international initiatives as well as means of benefiting from them and linking them to the quality of reports issued
currently in Egypt.
The session also reviews visions of several specialized think tanks in this domain in the Egyptian market.
The session tackles the importance of issuing regular sustainability reports to promote governance and garnering investors’ confidence in light of the presence of institutions that managed to claim a corner on the arena through reviewing sustainability reports in an advanced way, thus creating competiveness among all parties.