Egypt CSR Forum

Egypt CSR Forum the annual and biggest forum for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.


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The role of the private sector in the development of society

The first Annual CSR Forum in Egypt is held with the purpose of creating a state of integration between the goals of companies operating in the Egyptian market and the government's plans to bring about development in society and achieve sustainability. This comes through submitting ideas, evaluating the programs adopted by the companies in the field of community service as well as presenting the government's point of view regarding the social responsibility map, which the country is shaping in order to accomplish development and sustainability. This provides an abundant amount of information that will help the companies in developing their programs in order to reach their goals.

Decarbonization & Sustainable Finance Transformation

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2019 - 9th

2020 - 10th

2021 - 11th

2022 - 12th

2018 - 5th

2018 - 6th

2018 - 7th

2019 - 8th

2015 - 1st

2016 - 2nd

2017 - 3rd

2017 - 4th

Join us at 5th Wellexpo Workweek July 5-9 2018.