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21-22 April 2019, InterContinental Cairo Citystars

The 8th Egypt CSR Forum

In the light of the instructions of His Excellency President Abdelfattah Al Sisi to raise awareness of the importance of bringing about development among the different stakeholders, to achieve sustainable development and effective partnerships, thus achieving sustainable growth, CSR Egypt is delighted to launch the 8th Egypt CSR Forum entitled, “How to integrate sustainability into core business strategies” on 21-22 April 2019, with the participation of a number of businessmen, government representatives, experts and sustainability stakeholders.

The forum will discuss the importance of integrating sustainable development strategies into the planning and measurement processes of commercial companies.

It also highlights the mechanisms of integrating sustainable development strategies into the companies’ business plans, as well as integrating profitability objectives with corporate social responsibility.

That will be achieved by creating local standards for the SDGs, to make them more feasible and useful; thus, ensuring sustainable development Impact. Furthermore, it will shed light on what has been achieved in Egypt 2030 plans, the key players who implement these plans, and the opportunities available in each sector to achieve sustainable growth, in addition to including those efforts and activities in sustainability reports and how to create a strong social awareness to improve the lives of citizens.

The forum will also discuss the futuristic vision of Egypt to achieve development, the role of the stakeholders in building these plans, how to prepare responsible generations in the future and their role in achieving sustainable development. Also, it will highlight the role of institutions in sustaining their development work and how to link the activities of the different departments to achieve the objectives of the whole business models.

The Forum is considered the largest platform to gather all CSR stakeholders in Egypt, and to share experience, visions, as well as making effective partnerships. In addition, it is an effective tool for promoting initiatives and highlighting the efforts of the private sector, in order to bring about real development and create a serious dialogue with the different stakeholders

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CSR Egypt is specialized in events management and organization; visual and audio content creation, and the preparation of integrated marketing campaigns in Egypt and the Middle East. CSR Egypt Philosophy is built around bridging between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and development. In addition, we believe that networks and partnerships can be powerful vehicles for change. Therefore, our services are designed to spread awareness among private sector on the importance of fulfilling their social responsibilities towards the community. CSR Egypt also aims to ensure effective and dynamic channels of communication between governmental institutions, private sector and civil society organizations to support the alignment of CSR plans and activities with the overarching national policies and strategies of the government to achieve sustainable development.

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Opening speeches

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First Session: Egyptian and foreign experts’ speeches

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The fourth industry, digital transformation and its role in achieving the goals of Egypt’s Vision 2030

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Sustainable Development: Egypt’s Future trends (Challenges and Opportunities)

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Egypt… Land of Opportunities to Achieve Sustainable Development (Mechanisms of achieving sustainable development by linking business goals and development goals)

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Presentation Tahya Misr Fund

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Second Session: Partnerships for Development: Building Effective Partnerships for Sustainable Development

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Third Session: The social responsibility of financial organizations in Egypt

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Presentation Juhayna Food Industries

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Fourth session: Sustainable Development Reports
(How to Prepare Sustainable Development Reports based on GRI Standards)

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Fifth session: How to create a strong network of socially conscious and impact driven businesses that work to make lives better

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First Session: Egypt…The integration to create an effective social impact

A session by Al Orman

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Presentation: Digital transformation and its role in boosting development

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Second session: The social responsibility of financial organizations in Egypt

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Presentation: University Social Responsibility (USR): Preparing the Future Responsible Generation

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Third Session: Sustainability of Non-Profit Organizations

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Fourth Session: (Interactive Live Panel) Mechanisms of Integrating Communications Reports and Sustainable Development Reports

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Fifth session: (Interactive Live Panel) The Impact of Applying Corporate Social Responsibility on The corporate reputation

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Sixth Session: The role of youth in achieving sustainable development

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