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Ms. Yasmine El Hagry


Yasmine El Hagry (B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication), the American University in Cairo (AUC) 2004, the Deputy Executive Director of Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages.


A mother of a four years old girl, Malak, and a two years old boy, Aly, and currently the Strategic Projects Unit Senior Manager at Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages.


She strongly believes that each child deserves a happy and safe childhood. She attributes this belief, which turned into a life mission, to her caring and loving parents. Yasmine’s parents provided her with a happy childhood which positively affected her personality, vision and aspirations.
Her passion for helping children started when she was an undergraduate student. She was a member of “Volunteers in Action”, a leading student’s club at the AUC for supporting orphans. Her volunteerism with the student’s club continued for 4 years, she was elected club president in 2004.


After her graduation, her volunteerism with NGOs and youth initiatives focused on developing and educating children and youth in underprivileged areas, empowering poor families in Egypt and conducting anti-drugs campaigns. She participated in raising funds for refugees in Lebanon and Palestine.

In 2009, she decided to join a newly starting local NGO; Wataneya Society, and leave her position at that time; associate creative director in a well-established advertising agency, to fulfill her dream in supporting orphans in a scientific methodology. She was the head of the External Relations Department at Wataneya for six years.

By joining Wataneya, Yasmine was able to combine her professional expertise and her passion for supporting orphans.

Through her work as External Relations Manager, Yasmine was able to initiate and manage various campaigns such as “E3rafny, I’m not just an Orphan” which targeted schools, universities, companies, aimed at building positive perceptions towards the orphans and the caregivers. She succeeded in establishing various partnerships with local, regional and international entities to influence both government and society towards the rights of orphans.


In 2017, Yasmine was selected to lead the Strategic Projects Unit at Wataneya to monitor and support the implementation of Wataneya’s strategy towards “Qauality of Life for Every Orphan.”

She dreams that all children are raised happily and safely within their families, whether biological, extended or a foster family.