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Mrs. Nevine Gamee

Nevine Gamee has a long banking experience over 30 years. After graduation from Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, in 1985, Nevine Gamee started her career path in the National Bank for Development, and from there she moved to the National Bank of Kuwait (Ex. Al Watany Bank of Egypt), now the National Bank of Kuwait) where she established the first Specialized Department for Retail Banking. She also designed a comprehensive set of financial products for the NBK and developed a marketing policy that helped dominate a big segment of the market in a quite short time.

In January 2005, Nevine Gamee joined Social Fund for Development, and in view of her valuable experience in devising credit policy, she worked on the development of financial mechanisms and methods and contributed to the elaboration of the first Credit Policy of the Social Fund for Development issued in April 2005 and intended for small and micro enterprise finance.

Aware of the importance of diversifying SFD’s funding channels and financial products, Mrs. Gamee chaired the task group that laid the foundation, regulations and procedures of Direct Lending. She was appointed as Head of the Direct Lending Sector of the SFD, and within a period of no more than five years the portfolio of direct lending portfolio grew to up to one billion EGP due to the commendable work and dedication of Mrs. Gamee.

In 2012 Mrs. Gamee was promoted as Head of SFD’s Central Sector for Small Enterprise Finance, and she succeeded, during her outstanding years in this post, to achieve unprecedented growth rates: she helped reformulate SFD’s relationship with all its intermediaries with regard to small enterprise finance; she attracted new banks to work with the SFD, contributed to the formulation of the definition of small enterprises and finance mechanisms for such bank’s purpose, and she collaborated with the administrations of these banks for developing a financial strategy for small enterprises. During the period between 2012-2016 the amount of funds injected to small enterprises reached approximately 10.5 billion EGP, equivalent to 52% of the overall funding injected by SFD since its inception up till the end of 2016.

A remarkable feature of the diversified funding channels and financial products introduced by Mrs. Gamee for financing small enterprises is “the provision of finance through Financial Leasing Companies” on account of the significant role this sector is playing in attaining inclusive economic development.

Seeking to complete the policies and strategies that she has put in place to diversify financial products for small enterprises, Mrs. Gamee participated in the elaboration of the first investment and venture capital policy of the SFD, and contributed to the launching of the first funding programme targeting innovative entrepreneurs and creative enterprises, whereby SFD contributes a share to the capital of these enterprises, acting thus as the first provider of such service in Egypt.

With considerable accomplishments to her credit, Mrs. Gammee worked her way up to the highest senior executive level, she has been selected from Social Fund for Development to be SFD Managing Director since November 2016.

Pursuant to the establishment of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Organization that replaced SFD and included other entities, she has been selected to be MSMEDA first Executive Director.

She is well determined to pursue her dedicated efforts towards further successes on her career path in SFD, started in the year 2005 onwards.

It is worth mentioning that Mrs. Nevine Gamee is Board Member in the following organizations:

Takaful Insurance Companies (property and responsibilities ); The Board of Directors Reefy Microfinance Enterprise Services co; The Ayady Company; The Economic Committee of the National Council for Women; The Industry Modernization Council.