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Mrs. Manal Saleh

Mrs. Saleh is an engineer with a history of community work and volunteering. She is one of the founders of the Egyptian Food Bank and the Egyptian Clothing Bank. Mrs. Saleh worked in all fields of community development, including education and health awareness. She led groups of volunteer groups in educating abandoned children. She also formed the “Women Volunteer Group” for sorting and fixing as well as recycling and designing donated clothes. “Clothes are not just a basic need for humans. It is an item that brings joy, fulfills dreams, enhances livelihoods, boosts confidence, and helps provide opportunities.” The Egyptian Clothing Bank is the only charity organization in the world that successfully delivers appropriate clothing to the needy, suitable for size, preference, style, environment, culture and work type. The supply chain management applied in ECB sustains a logistics system ensuring suitable attire to every beneficiary and a suitable recipient to every donated piece of clothing.