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Mr. Sameh Emad

Sameh is the associate coordinator of the UN Taskforce Team of the International Movement of Catholic Students and has hosted a number of trainings on SDGs and Human Rights in countries like Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Canada and France to raise awareness among young community leaders on the importance of the implementation on all levels. He also hosted open ended consultations on youth priorities in topics related to the New Urban Agenda and the Global Compact on Migration which led into the position papers of UNMGCY.

Sameh is the UNMGCY Regional Focal Point on Habitat III for MENA. He is also the cofounder of the Arab Youth for Sustainable Development that is a regional self-organized platform for youth to represent at the League of Arab States

He has been coordinating youth engagement in many UN conferences and events as Habitat III, UNCTAD, WHS, ECOSOC Youth Forum and HLPF

He is a fifth-year student at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, October 6 University, Egypt and a former student of the University of Manitoba, Canada