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Mr. Mohamed Mohieldin

Mr. Mohamed Mohieldin, with more than 18 years of experience in the fields of Private Equities, Investment Banking as well as financing and restructuring SMEs. The gentleman worked for several years in Commercial International Bank’s (CIB) Investment Department, then moved to its investment Banking arm CI Capital as a vice president. At CI Capital he was responsible for its SMEs Nilex file as well as the IPO of The Insurance Holding Company (IHC).


Later, moving as the Investment Director of Misr Asset Management, the Investment Banking arm of IHC, while handling the restructuring of the Holding company’s private equities portfolio as well as the holding company’s IPO file. Later joining Mubadara Capital as its managing director; to specialize in raising funds and restructuring SMEs.


Since mid-2012 and till present time, Mr. Mohieldin had been the Investment Director of “Misr El Kheir Foundation”, with the goal to apply its “Impact Investing” strategy through managing its investments, thus achieving financial sustainability while creating a social impact all over the nation.


The gentleman as well had played a significant role in the development of SMEs, being previously the head of Egyptian Junior Business Association’s (EJB) Finance and Banking committee, while leading the team that issued the first SMEs Access to Finance Guide in Egypt. Currently he sits on the board of EJB, while being the head of its steering committee as well.


Mr. Mohieldin is also a founding member and currently the Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Private Equities Association (EPEA).