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Dr. Abdelhamid Beshara

Resource Efficiency Expert |Green Building Expert | Energy Efficiency & Energy Modeling Expert |
Climate Change Expert | Waste Management, Environmental & Social Consultant
Dr. Beshara is Masader’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, a leading Resource Efficiency and
Integrated Sustainability Consulting firm in Egypt.
Beshara plays an important role in expanding Egypt’s environmental and energy efficiency horizon
through his delivery of various local and global initiatives. As a Civil and Environmental Engineer,
Beshara has a track record extending over 20 years’ of work experience in managing civil,
environmental engineering and integrated natural resources projects with complex environmental &
social impacts including infrastructure, residential, commercial, and industrial projects.
Beshara obtained his Environmental Engineering Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London in 2010
(UNWIN Prize and Imperial Innovators of The Year Award). Besides his role at Masader, Beshara works
as an environmental, social and energy consultant for the World Bank Group, UNIDO and
UNDP handling the environmental, social and energy management portfolios in Egypt and a former
Academic Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Alexandria University for more than 20
His areas of expertise encompass Resource Conservation and Resource Efficiency: Energy
Management and Monitoring Systems, Energy efficiency, Renewable & Alternative Energy, Waste to
energy, Sustainable building & Urban planning design, Sustainable Materials & Waste Management,
Net-zero energy houses and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments.
He is a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) from the Association of Engineers, a qualified UNIDO Energy
Management and Energy Efficiency Expert (ISO 50001, motors and compressors system optimization),
as well as accredited from the United States Green Building Council in LEED certification (LEED AP).
He has been working as a consultant and trainer for the UNIDO Industrial Energy Efficiency project in
Egypt since 2013, where he has implemented energy management systems and conducted energy
audits, capacity building and training for a large number of energy-intensive industries and public
buildings in Egypt, KSA, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates (30+) in different sectors ranging from
petroleum, cement, steel, plastic, and food & beverages.
In 2017, he was chosen as one of Egypt’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
(UNFCCC) Roster of Experts, as a Climate Change Expert and following his responsibility to lead the
team behind the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Egypt’s First Biennial Update Report and
developing the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) for the Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energy sectors for Egypt’s Industrial Sector. Beshara has proudly led a large number of
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIAs) and Waste Management studies for key
projects in Egypt and the Middle East involving international funding agencies such as the WB, AFD,
Beshara proudly leads Masader’s Idea Incubator, a promising initiative in Egypt launched in 2019,
which focuses on inventions in energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste-to-energy products and
eco-friendly building materials and systems.
About Masader:
Masader, Environmental and Energy Services S.A.E is an innovative multi-disciplinary design and
engineering sustainability firm based in Cairo, specialized in Resource Efficiency & Sustainable
Management of Natural Resources.
The focus of our company is consultancy work in the areas of Energy, Environmental
Services, Climate Change & Carbon Footprint, Waste Management, Green Building, and Corporate
Since 2015, Masader has been recognized, in Egypt and MENA region, for its team of highly qualified
Designers and Engineers, and for providing tailored engineering solution, as well as Engaging and
Top Quality Reporting and Communication mechanisms – making sure your business’ sustainability
efforts don’t go unnoticed.