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Eng.Sherif El Menoufi

Engineer Sherif’s educational background includes two degrees of Bachelor of Science, one in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, California, USA and the other in Chemical Engineering from Cairo University. He has an extensive experience of about 28 years in the fields of nuclear energy, refineries, metal foundries, in addition to the Cement Industry in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well as in the USA and Germany.

His expertise put him on a career track with several power plants in the USA, ThyssenKrupp in Germany, Aramco in Saudi Arabia, ASEC Cement in Egypt and Lafarge in France and in Egypt. Lastly, he held the position of “Group Industrial Director” at Titan Cement Ltd, Egypt.

He has a successful record of guiding his employees in a skilful and easy way when he smoothly managed his teams’ workflow during and after Egypt’s Revolution and through the country’s difficult times thanks to his clear and broad vision of what he wants to achieve, his emotional intelligence at different situations, and his mastery of risk and crises management skills.

Sherif’s expertise in developing effective strategies, making plans well in advance and putting them into action and motivating staff at all organizational levels positioned him as one of the most successful business leaders.

Eng. Sherif started his career with TCI Sanmar on 28th November 2015 in the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company.  Over the last two years and a half, Sherif, as CEO, has led the Company’s chemical and petrochemical business representing about  $1.5 billion to a new era that is consistent with the Group’s comprehensive vision set forth for this important business unit present in Egypt.