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Dr. Mohamed Refay

Dr. Mohamed Refay Mohamed

Youth and Community Development

Expert and Advisor


Results-oriented, hands-on development professional with 18 years of expertise in all facets of the development.

Verifiable track record for the successful completion of youth developmental projects with various international and national organizations. Have passion for training and field work guidance. Capable of managing and leading

youth development projects in an empowering fashion to all staff and volunteers; mainly through motivation, coaching and guide. Wide knowledge with the nature and working environment in various Governorates in Egypt, especially Upper Egypt Governorates. Board member of Misr El Kheir , The Egyptian Federation of Scouts and Girls Guide FSGG , Board member of Baladna Civic Organization , Co-Founder of Youth and

Development Consultancy Institute (YDCI), and Board member of Federation of Tobacco-free NGOs. Areas of expertise are; Training of Trainers (TOT), Community Asset-mapping studies, Community Youth Development (CYD), Community Assets, Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA), Evaluation, Strategic Planning for Organizations, teamwork and leadership designing training sessions based on experiential learning cycle in the fields of youth, volunteerism, employment, health, and communication skills.


Bachelor of Medicine, Ain Shames University.

Master Degree of community and public health , Cairo University

PMP Diploma


Free lance Expert and Advisor with many expertise in the field of Youth and Community Development. Such as:

2006- Participating in community based research about youth and employment in Upper Egypt with the supervision of IDAM International Foundation.

2007- Main trainer in AID Me trainings regarding the capacity building of youth skills and qualifications in order to raise the competitive skills in labor market, with the supervision of the European Union.

2009- Main Trainer in Plan International trainings for the new employees in the fields of HR qualifications, team work, Team working…. Etc.

2011- Planning and implementing 4 Employment fairs as the deputy of Youth and Sports Minister. With partnerships with UNICEF, UNFPA, and British Council organizations.

2012- Till now- Main trainer in the team of PRO-Mark International Agency’ trainings to the staff of Misr Bank in the topics of (HR, Finance, Time Management, Strategic Planning… Etc.

December 2012 – Till Now

Founder and Chairman Agyal- Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development Foundation

Main job responsibilities include planning, setting the goals and supervising the implementation of the program activities in the area of youth and voluntarism and strategic planning.

One of AGYAL’s main projects in 2015 is “Youth Spaces” in partnership with Plan international, the main goal of the project:

Capacity building for the employees of Plan international, and the employees of Youth and Sports Ministry, in the fields of: Strategic planning, Projects management, HR, and Team work skills;

December 2011 – December 2012

Deputy of Youth and Sports Minister

Where the main responsibilities through active participation / supervision in:

– Drawing up the Youth & Youngster’s policies development.

– Assisting the chairman in the follow-up process for the activities and programs implementation by different Sectors.

– Reviewing the project and updated programs before presenting it to the Minister.

– Updating the regulating system for the National Council for Youth affiliated entities.

– Drawing up & implementing plans to raise up the capacity calibers working in the Youth field.

– Updating the database for Youth activities in order to achieve the National Council for Youth goals.

May -2006 till presen

Youth and Development Consultancy Institute ‘ YDCI”

CO-Founder and Programs Manager

All activities include trainings and field research. Managed and supervised implementation and evaluation of projects;

“Madrasty-Phase one” for VODAFONE foundation for development, “Improving Water Quality and Managing Solid

Waste” Project implemented with YDCI and UNICEF under a pilot project implemented with Coca Cola, & USAID,

“Tobacco Free University of Ganoob El-Wadi in Qena” project in partnership with WHO, and “Youth Together Against

HIV/AIDS” project in 10 universities in nine provinces, in partnership with University.

On the Local Level

Arab Youth Leaders Forum, by WHO and the Arab Scouts Organization, Cairo

The International Conference of Population and development, Cairo, Egypt.

The Growing Role of NGO’s after ICPD Conference Alexandria, Egypt

Leadership Development in the field of Family Life Education, Gender and reproductive Health, in the ITRFP

Training of trainees by CEDPA, Alexandria, Egypt.

Gender planning by CDS, Alexandria, Egypt

Project design and proposal writing, by ITRFP Alexandria, Egypt

Population and Development Issues, by Cairo Demographic Center, Cairo

NGO’s role in the Arab countries by the Arab NGO’s net work, Cairo

Women Empowerment and education by CEDPA, Alexandria

Net working workshop for youth serving organizations in Egypt by ford foundation, Cairo

On the Regional Level

The Arab forum for Peer Education by UNFPA, Beirut.

Strategic planning for the Arab youth by UNFPA, WHO, and the Arab scouts, Beirut.

Child to child training for Arab youth by UNICEF, Amman, Jordan

Similar Experiences

Developing training manuals, such as:

Projects management and Problems solving

Youth to Youth training manual with UNFPA

Tobacco control manual with WHO

Political awareness with Baldna Academy- USAID Project

Youth Organization Directory- with World Bank

Youth initiatives training manual with CARE

Community Youth Development training CYD manual with Plan International

HIV Awareness manual with Ford Foundation


Board member of “Misr El Kheir” Foundation

Board member of “Egyptian Federation of Anti-Tobacco Organizations”

The representative of youth in the National Committee of Development in the Egyptian Federation of scouts and Girl

Guides. Responsible for policy making and formulating youth development programs

General Secretary of “Baladna” Civic Organization.

Medical caravans’ leader, in 6 villages. The caravan’s services included Health

awareness, women small loans and data collection.

Fund raising activities and medical students mobilization and leadership

Ain shams University, Faculty of medicine & Egyptian Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides (EFSGG) awards for the active participation at The Public service projects.