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10 December 2019, Port Said Hotel

The 9th Egypt CSR Forum

Under the directives of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to raise awareness about the importance of achieving sustainable development between the different stakeholders and build effective partnerships, and out of CSR Egypt belief in the importance of adopting the 17th SDG, we are proud to organize the 9th Egypt CSR Forum, entitled “Port Said … the starting point” in 10 December 2019 at Port Said Hotel, with the participation of a number of businessmen, government representatives, experts and other sustainable development stakeholders.

The forum aims at highlighting the development efforts exercised in Port Said, and its impact on Egypt’s Vision 2030, especially in the fields of medical insurance, mechanization of industry, Technical education and vocational training.

It discusses the full medical insurance system and how it provides treatment to patients, according to the highest quality standards in 22 health units and 7 major hospitals, as well as the role of the government in allowing full financial resources to provide excellent quality medical services. In addition, it highlights the twinning initiative with major private hospitals which aims at providing support to the full medical insurance system for building hospitals’ operating systems in various departments, as well as highlighting the efforts of various stakeholders to guarantee the effective implementation of the system, which represents a paradigm shift in health sector.

Furthermore, the forum will tackle the development of government services, digital transformation and mechanization of industry in Port Said, in terms of infrastructure, communications and the indispensable technological requirements that are both available and needed. This will improve the performance level of services and will also facilitate the access to these services by citizens, in addition to building an integrated information society to support decision-making system, reduce government expenditure, raise efficiency and improve the management of State resources by using ICT.

The forum will also discuss the importance of developing technical education in Egypt to prepare high-level graduates and provide them with job opportunities according to the needs of labor market, as well as discussing peer learning experience as a way of changing students from just recipients into effective ones in class, and finally discussing holding training programs to develop and build the capacity of staff in a number of skills.

The Forum is considered to one of the largest gathering for all workers and sustainable development stakeholders in Egypt, it will also be the main platform for exchanging visions, experiences and the achievement of effective partnerships, in addition to being an effective tool to promote new initiatives shedding light on the efforts of the private sector, in order to achieve sustainable development and create a serious dialogue with government representatives.



CSR Egypt was established in 2015, with the aim of spreading awareness among companies and state institutions on the importance of fulfilling their social responsibilities toward the community.
CSR Egypt plays an important role in creating a state of integration between all community work stakeholders; whether they are government institutions, civil society institutions, private sector companies or experts, through organizing several conferences, forums and workshops, in addition to providing technical and marketing consultations.
CSR Egypt Philosophy is built around bridging between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and development. In addition, we believe that networks and partnerships can be powerful vehicles for change. Thus, our services are designed to spread awareness among private sector on the importance of fulfilling their social responsibilities towards the community.
CSR Egypt also aims to ensure effective and dynamic channels of communication between governmental institutions, private sector and civil society organizations to support the alignment of CSR plans and activities with the overarching national policies and strategies of the government to achieve sustainable development.
The Venue

InterContinental Citystars Cairo, an IHG Hotel

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