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2 December 2018 , TOLIP Royal Hotel – Alexandria

The 7th CSR Forum in Egypt 2018

Alexandria is hosting the third round of the CSR Forum in Egyptian Governorates, which will be held under distinguished government patronage on 2 December 2018 at the Royal Tolip Hotel.

The forum aims at creating an integration between the efforts exercised by the government, business community and civil society organizations to achieve actual development in the Egyptian governorates.

CSR Egypt is organizing this event to ensure the continuity of the participation and cooperation between the development stakeholders, in addition to developing integrated development plans with a priority to improve the quality of Egyptian citizens’ life and revive the economic situation.

And for the first time, the forum will host a roundtable that gathers all stakeholders to discuss the methods of integration, as well as shedding light on the needs of each party.

The forum will also discussing how to maximize the potential and competitive advantages of each governorate, and the future of local and foreign investment in the region, in addition to highlighting the mechanisms of attracting investments to participate in local development programs in the region, as well as improving the conditions of the community through studying a number of proposals for the development of infrastructure and service sectors.

Furthermore, the forum will shed light on the effective role of NGOs in achieving a balanced development in each governorate, in addition to optimizing its resources and untapped potentials. It will also discuss means of choosing the right success partners and importance of developing key performance indicators.

The forum will be attended by more than 500 experts and social work stakeholders, including: businessmen, investors, government representatives and NGOs representatives.



CSR Egypt was established in 2015, with the aim of spreading awareness among companies and state institutions on the importance of fulfilling their social responsibilities toward the community.
CSR Egypt plays an important role in creating a state of integration between all community work stakeholders; whether they are government institutions, civil society institutions, private sector companies or experts, through organizing several conferences, forums and workshops, in addition to providing technical and marketing consultations.
CSR Egypt Philosophy is built around bridging between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and development. In addition, we believe that networks and partnerships can be powerful vehicles for change. Thus, our services are designed to spread awareness among private sector on the importance of fulfilling their social responsibilities towards the community.
CSR Egypt also aims to ensure effective and dynamic channels of communication between governmental institutions, private sector and civil society organizations to support the alignment of CSR plans and activities with the overarching national policies and strategies of the government to achieve sustainable development.

Todays Performers

Dr. Abdul Aziz Qansua

Governor of Alexandria

Judge Mohamed Abdel Karim

President of the Egyptian Appeal Court

Major General Hamza Darwish

Head of the Minister of Local Development Office

Mr. Mohsen Adel

CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones

Dr. Sherif Delawar

Economic Expert

Eng. Hossam Farid

Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry

Eng. Marwan El Sammak

Chairman, Ship&Crew

Eng. Mohamed Sabry

Chairman of the Alexandria Businessmen Association

MP Samir El Batikhy

Representative of the Industry Committee, the Egyptian Parliament.

Mr.Ahmed Esmat

Alex Agenda l Alex Media Forum, Media and communications consultant

Mr.Ahmed Riad

DRR and Resilience Expert , Board Member of UNDRR Private Sector Alliance for Resilient Societies

Ms.Rim Siam

President of the Egyptian Economic Council for Businesswomen

Ms. Omaima ElSheikh

Chairman of the Special Needs Committee, Rotary

Mr.Marwan El-Shayeb

Business Development Director at SWVL Egypt

Dr. El Sayed El Seify

Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University

Dr. Ehab Shalaby

Chairman, D-Carbon Company

Mr. Mostafa Hassan

Product Marketing Manager - Forasna
The Venue

TOLIP Hotel Alexandria

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