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Welcome to Conference
Port Said – 2 October 2018

The 6th CSR Forum in Egypt 2018

Culture Center Port Said

Portsaid hosts the second CSR Forum in governorates, which will take place under a distinguished government patronage, to create a state of integration between the government, business sector and civil society efforts to achieve a real development in the Egyptian governorates.

CSR Egypt is organizing this event out of its belief in the efforts exercised by all stakeholders to prepare a comprehensive development plan, which in turn allows the country to achieve a qualitative leap in the life of each Egyptian citizen.

The forum highlights the actual needs of the governorates of the Suez Canal Region, including: Portsaid, Ismailia and Suez, as well as discussing the government’s plans to achieve a sustainable balanced development.

This is in addition to shedding light on the sustainable investment opportunities and discussing the methods of merging the business sector in Egypt Vision 2030. Furthermore, it will address the mechanisms of creating comprehensive economic and social development in the Suez Canal Region and determining the competitive advantages of each of the three governorates.

In addition, the forum will discuss the necessary factors for achieving industrial development.

It also plans to provide a professional training to enhance employment efficiency in the region and how to transform Egypt into a global logistics hub.

CSR Forum in Governorates – Suez Canal Region will host more than 500 CSR and sustainability experts and stakeholders, in addition to businessmen, investors, and government and NGOs representatives.

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Minister of Local Development

Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal Economic Zone

Permanent Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment and Head of Environmental Quality Sector

Chief Executive Officer of Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT)

Chairman of Dominick Company and Historic Port Said Association

Chairman of TCI Sanmar Company

CEO of KAPSI Coatings

Chairman of Cairo Nile Shuttle (CNS)

Vice Executive Director of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones

President, Egyptian Junior Businessmen Association

Vice Chairman of Dominick Company and Chairman of the Egyptian Junior Businessmen Association in Port Said

Head of External Communication & Government relations, Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT)

President-elect, International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

Head of the National Organization For Urban Harmony



  • 9:00 am
  • 10:00 am

Suez Canal region… the main engine to achieve sustainable development in Egypt


  • Suez Canal region (sustainable investment opportunities and
    improving citizen’s life).
  • Role of business sector in achieving Egypt Vision 2030 and
    developing Suez Canal region.
  • The region’s actual needs for development.
  • 10:00 am
  • 11:30 am

Experiences and stories about achieving actual development
Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT)

  • 11:30 am
  • 11:45 am


  • 11:45 am
  • 12:15 pm

Role of SMEs and Entrepreneurship in developing local communities


  • Legislation and incentives for companies to carry out their social responsibility.
  • The role of entrepreneurship and SMEs in achieving development and boosting economy.
  • The role of business community in supporting initiatives and development ideas.
  • Methods to attract funding from the international community to achieve sustainable development and empower youth. The role of Egyptian identity and culture in supporting the sense of citizenship.
  • Role of civil society in maintaining heritage within the state policy, and the support of business community for it.
  • 12:15 pm
  • 1:45 pm
Third Session

Competitive advantage of the Suez Canal region (ROI and Business Sector’s social responsibility)


  • Business sector’s vision to enhance the competitive advantage of the Suez Canal region and achieve sustainable development.
  • Transforming Egypt into a global logistics hub and its impact on investment and citizen’s life.
  • Role of business community in meeting the region’s needs and providing job opportunities and training.
  • Mechanisms of creating integration between development stakeholders (Government – Business community – Civil Society)
  • 1:45 pm
  • 3:15 pm

Recommendations and closing remarks

  • 3:15 pm
  • 3:30 pm
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Why you should attend ?

Communicate with government and private sector representatives, as well as experts and community work stakeholders
Learn about the plans developed to meet governorates needs
Learn about the importance of empowering women in supporting the development of the country
Learn about the role of private sector in supporting government plans
Learn about the efforts exercised to provide care for people with special needs
Learn about the community needs of every governorate and how to meet them

Who you will meet ?

Government Representatives
Representatives of NGOs
Experts and CSR stakeholders
Business Community representatives
Chairmen & CEOs
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The Venue