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About Athar Award

Athar is an award for the best practices in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development for the year 2020,  to celebrate and reward the best CSR & Sustainability practices and initiatives in Egypt .

The award is dedicated for the most influential companies & non-governmental organizations,  entrepreneurs, academic institutions and individuals to honor their inspiring programs, projects and initiatives that focus on the essential aspects of sustainability & CSR and  serve the community and improve the lives of citizens.

The award  aims to give higher visibility and deserving recognition to the key market players and the most influential entities with CSR and sustainability excellence.  

The selection of companies and organizations will be based on their continued commitment in achieving a social impact and their participation in initiatives that have the greatest impact on the largest number of beneficiaries, in addition to their internal commitment to achieving sustainability and issuing reports and indicators that confirm this.  

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Objective ?

Raise awareness of best practices and the concepts of CSR & Sustainable development.

Highlight the most successful CSR & Sustainability programs of companies and organizations.

Promote individuals’ initiatives with social impact.

Shed light on sustainability and SR inspiring believers.

Motivate and support entrepreneurs to apply CSR & Sustainable development principles.

Create an interactive and dynamic network for influential companies, organizations, and individuals with outstanding CSR & sustainability performance.

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Why To Participate

Be Noticed

Promote your initiative/CSR and sustainability activities among development and business community members.

Gain Recognition

Submit your project and gain the deserved recognition for what you’ve achieved.

Be Part of our success Stories

Know other success stories and initiatives that made an impact of your competitors and main market players.

Be Part of our communication plan

CSR Egypt will promote your project/initiative by publishing news & posts on company’s media channels.

Expand your business community

Connect and network with big companies, CSR & sustainability stakeholders.

Raise Employees’ loyalty & Pride

Enrich social responsibility values and sustainability concepts inside your company by involving your employees.

Award Types

Top companies with best social impact Award

Top NGOs with best social impact Award

Top socially responsible entrepreneurs Award

Top individuals’ initiatives with best social impact Award

Top research centers & academic institutions with best social impact Award