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8 November 2021

The 11th Egypt CSR Forum

Intercontinental Citystars Cairo

In the essence of the directions of His Excellency, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to accelerate the process of achieving a balanced sustainable development in all of  Egypt’s governorates as well as to drive all parties to implement Egypt’s Vision 2030, CSR Egypt is proudly announcing the 11th version of Egypt CSR and Sustainable Development Forum, entitled “Sustainability from Adoption to Localization… the path to recovery”.

It aims at promoting the government’s efforts and providing all stakeholders with the opportunity to build effective partnerships that drive development forward to ensure a decent life for the Egyptian citizen. 

This year the Forum answers a number of important questions concerning the tools of localizing Sustainable Development Goals and the most efficient mechanisms to make impact on countries, individuals and companies. In Addition to discussing sustainable financing systems, how to tackle development financing challenges, the best recovery and climate finance sources and how to access them, as well as the selection criteria of projects worth of these funds. 

It also highlights a number of the latest terminologies and trends in its new version “Sustainability Toolbox”; which clarifies the Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR), Automation, ESG criteria, the Carbon Footprint, Green Supply Chain management and the best ways to apply them to accelerate localization and recovery processes. Furthermore, it sheds light on the principles of sustainable responsible banking, mow to build a sustainable non-banking sector, the role of insurance companies in achieving sustainable development. Also, the forum demonstrates the latest trends of transition toward circular economy and highlights the measurements of companies’ performance of this transformation. It also discusses several topics through a group of expert talks and workshops including: transforming from crisis management to DRR and Resilience, corporate sustainability reporting tools and how to achieve higher ratings in global index , and maximizing stakeholders’ impact. 

This year the forum presents a new experience and a diversity of expertise and visions met in a debate between CEOs of largest companies and entrepreneurs in the same field to find the answer to “Does applying sustainability differ according to business scale and nature of business cycle? And if so, how it affects the ROI in both scales?

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Minister of Youth and Sports

Minister of Social Solidarity

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Planning, and Economic Development

CEO of General Authority for Healthcare

General Manager of Coca-Cola Egypt, Libya and Sudan

Country Managing Director of L’Oréal Egypt

IFC Country Manager for Egypt, Libya, and Yemen

Chief Sustainability Officer - Commercial International Bank (CIB)

Project Manager, EBRD GEFF

Country Head, Finance in Motion GmbH

Chairman of D-Carbon Egypt

CEO & Founder of Schema

DRR and Resilience Expert , Board Member of UNDRR Private Sector Alliance for Resilient Societies

Head of public policy and sustainability, Coca Cola North Africa

L’Oreal Egypt Communications & Sustainability Responsible Director

Head of Marketing communications& Corporate Affairs, Nestle Egypt

Head of CSR, WE Telecom Egypt

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), GB Auto Group

Secretary General of Vodafone Egypt Foundation

Chairman of board of trustees, Sonaa El Kheir Foundation

Director of the "Hayat Karima" unit at the Ministry of Local Development

Member of the Egyptian Parliament,Member of The Coordination’s Committee of Party’s Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP)

Founder and CEO of the World Innovation Alliance (WIA)

Founder of Techne, Alex Angels & The Mediterranean Business Angels, Executive Chairman of KD Group

Director of Rowad 2030 Project, Ministry of Planning and Economic Development

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consultant

Founder and chairman of the Arab Entrepreneur House (ARENHO)

Chairman, Insurance Federation of Egypt

Secretaty Genral of Egypt’s National Postal Authority

Head of Marketing and social development, National Bank of Egypt

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